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President Message

ACRA was formed 49 years ago in 1961 by 4 founding members to serve the air conditioning and refrigeration industry, today we have developed to over 100 members covering contractors, suppliers, manufacturers and services providers representing a wide portfolio of interests and contribution in the present structure. Let's look forward to celebrating ACRA's 50th anniversary next year in 2011!

In June this year, the Council for the current term year 2010 to 2012 comprising 20 Council Members was elected for serving the members and the industry towards ACRA's 50th anniversary. It is my honour as President in joint spirit and endeavour with the Council Members to serve and continue the mission and vision along the history and culture of ACRA. I must express my wholehearted thanks to the support of our members extended to the Council and ACRA throughout.

There are no lack of new faces and young members in the Council, Subcommittees and member representatives joining the executive meetings, working groups and liaisons making ACRA even more energetic and dynamic. The development and sustainability of ACRA are nurtured by the intake of new blood for succession and the unfailing support and contribution of the present and retired Councils.

In the mission of bringing ACRA to a new era, taskforces had been working for a series of campaigns to further strengthen our services to the members and bring ACRA even more close to the industry and community. This includes improved administration, enriched training and CPD programmes for theory, practical knowledge, regulatory requirements and craftsman skills opened for members and non-members, facelift and redesign of ACRA website, 50th anniversary booklet with a theme on the history and prominent people of air conditioning and refrigeration in Hong Kong and strengthened tie and cooperation with the external bodies through active participation in liaisons, working groups and jointly organized workshops and events. July this year, the donation of fans to elderly and needy under our "Caring for Community Mission" had received strong support from members, and in coming December we will continue another event to organize a winter solstice dinner gathering for the elderly.

Looking forward the construction market and its job turnover, they are exciting in the years ahead when the major infrastructure projects in construction stage and active property market and development are in the making. The challenges and threats faced by the industry and players such as shortfall of technicals and professionals, aging construction workers, materials fluctuation, inflating labour and staff costs, currency risks, unhealthy price competition, unfair contract terms and payment problem are just a snapshot. The prospect of the industry and how it can be sustained in greater extent are in the hands of the industry through new ideas, discipline and self regulation coupled with effective government policy and initiatives, such as security of payment legislation, to reshape our industry and its direction.

I wish you all the prosperities and successes in capitalising the upcoming opportunities. Last but not least, I also wish to thank FEMC, Constituent Associations, government, professional bodies, institutions and associations for their support to ACRA enabling us to strive ahead for the voice and common interests of the members, industry and society.

Our Association

The Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Association of Hong Kong (ACRA) was established in 1961, founded by the leading air conditioning suppliers. At present, the association has more than 80 air-conditioning and ventilation contracting and equipment supplying companies. The Association was established for the following major objectives:

  1. To establish standards, guidelines and parameters for the conduct of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry in Hong Kong;
  2. To promote the advancement of the profession of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry;
  3. To promote and protect in Hong Kong and elsewhere in the world the industrial, commercial and other lawful interests of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry and to promote and hold either alone, or jointly, with any other associations, or persons, meetings, conferences, visits, seminars, lectures, exhibitions and other related activities in Hong Kong and elsewhere in the world;
  4. To foster, promote and further friendship, relationship, fellowship and better understanding amongst Members;
  5. To promote the education and training and the professional interests, rights, powers and privileges of Members, their officers and employees;
  6. To give the legislature, public bodies and other facilities for conferring with and ascertaining the collective views of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry;
  7. To assist the Government of HKSAR in all matters concerning Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry;
  8. To publish, disseminate and interchange amongst Members information, ideas, opinions and technological advancement on matters affecting the air conditioning and refrigeration industry and when necessary with other professional trade bodies and associates;

ACRA working closely with the government and strives to represent all our members' best interests. We participate actively in government liaison and communication meetings, government policy consultations, department working groups, etc. ACRA is acting as the major communication channel between the HKSAR government and the air conditioning and ventilation industry.

The Association council members held monthly meeting to discuss the trade issue, which also welcome members to site in for idea exchange. We also organize various kinds of social activities, such as sport competitions, technical visits, seminars and workshop trainings. Our Annual Dinner is held in end of November every year, which considered as the biggest of the Association each year having more than 350 guests, including members, government department officials, consultants, representative from education, professional institutes, other trade associations to participate.

In 2001, The Hong Kong Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Association Limited was incorporated under the Companies Ordinance (Chapter 32) as an limited and non-profit making organization, which enhance the further development of the Association.

Monthly Seminar Series

Do you have
- New technology/product invention
- Story of success
- Extraordinary experience
- Or simply an interesting topic
that would like to share?

ACAR is organizing a series of monthly seminars which aims to encourage interaction between our members. Any ACRA members can offer themselves as a potential speaker at the monthly seminars. It's free publicity for you and your company, with the potential for attracting business and enhancing your image. The seminar will open to all the staffs of our members and their friends to participate.

Interesting parties may submit their proposal of the seminar to ACRA Council - Training and Technical Promotion sub-committee for consideration. The proposal can be a brief one but need to include the proposed topic of seminar, name of speaker, and the contents to be presented.

Any details, please email to info@acra.org.hk